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Female Fertility Test

There are different kinds of fertility evaluation tests available for both men and women. These tests differ for each sex as their genital organs also are different from each other.For a woman, the fertility evaluation tests confirm that all her reproductive organs are working well and in a healthy condition(Read more about Male Fertility Test). The tests check out whether the ovaries are able to produce healthy eggs at a regular interval and whether the egg and sperms are properly transmitted via the fallopian tubes for fertilization process.

female infertility test

Such evaluation focuses around their health history, sexual habits, and menstrual cycles. The doctor usually calls for the following tests apart from a complete regular gynecological examination:


Here a fluid is injected into the uterus and checked for its clear passage into the fallopian tubes. It helps to clarify any doubts of blocks in the reproductive system that can be then corrected using surgery.

Ovulation Testing

The blood samples are taken to determine the hormone levels and thus find out whether you are actually ovulating.

Hormone Testing

This helps the doctor to determine the different hormone levels like ovulatory hormones, pituitary hormones and thyroid hormones.

Genetic Testing

Helps to detect any kind of genetic defect leading to infertility.


Conducted under general anesthesia to get a complete visual confirmation of the reproductive system through a small incision made beneath the navel.

Pelvic Ultrasound

Helps to detect any kind of uterine or fallopian tube diseases.

Ovarian Reserve Testing

Hormones are tested early in the menstrual cycle to determine the quality of the eggs released from the ovaries.

It is not necessary that all these tests need to be done for all couples. Which tests should be undertaken first and which need to follow on depends upon the discussion of the couple with their general practitioner. Getting a fertility evaluation done is not quite always the best decision for all couples. Apart from the mental discomfort one has to go through, these evaluation tests are not conclusive. Some of such tests might be quite costly and not all insurance companies may reimburse the costs of such evaluations. Finally, since even the results are not ensured, one has to think before undergoing the various fertility evaluation tests done by doctors. However, one can take it for granted that these are all very safe testing methods.

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