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Male Fertility Test

There are different kinds of fertility evaluation tests available for both men and women. These tests differ for each sex as their genital organs also are different from each other.For a man, such evaluation tests confirm that the testicles are in a healthy condition to produce enough healthy sperms and also that it is able to ejaculate such sperms efficiently into the woman's vagina.

male infertility test

The following tests are carried out for men to ensure that none of their reproductive processes are impaired:

General Physical Examination

Here the doctor undertakes a complete physical examination of the patient including a detailed study of his medical history, disabilities, illness, sexual habits and medications. A thorough examination of the genitals is also undertaken.

Semen Analysis

The doctor asks the patient to either masturbate or interrupt sexual intercourse and collect a clear sample of semen for further analysis. The quantity, colour, infections and such other details are checked for in the laboratory along with a detailed study of the sperms in the specimen. For better analysis, more than a single specimen may be analyzed.

Transrectal and Scrotal Ultrasound

Any further physical problems like obstruction in the tubes or degraded ejaculation may require a thorough study using the ultrasound system.

Hormone Testing

Here the doctor will check the blood samples to determine the level of testosterone and other male hormones in the patient.

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