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Will overweight affect your ability to get pregnant?

Symptom of being overweight

Will in vitro fertilization help?

How much weight should you lose to conceive?

Earlier it used to be thought that obesity only affected the fertilization cycle of women who had irregular menstrual cycles. But it is not so. Recent studies have shown that even women with regular menstrual cycles are equally affected. The bottom line is, no matter what, obesity or being overweight affects fertilization and the risk of infertility increases with the degree of obesity. However, the only solution to this problem is to follow a strict weight loss and exercise program. Even a modest weight loss of 10-20 percent will help in regulating your menstrual cycle. This will help in getting your ovulation cycle started as well as improve the probability of getting pregnant.

overweight and infertility

If it is your first pregnancy, and if you are overweight, the chance of you conceiving during each cycle is reduced by 8 percent and 18 percent if you are obese. And if it is not, then these figures are likely to go up to 16 percent if you are overweight and 34 percent if you are obese.

Symptom of being overweight

One of the possible symptoms of being overweight is a condition called Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome or Disease (PCOS OR PCOD). This is a condition in which the ovaries do not produce the required amount of hormones necessary for the egg to mature and get released. In some women, it also increases the production of the hormone insulin. In normal circumstances, insulin helps the body in storing sugar and starch from food. But when in excess, it leads to the release of the male hormone androgen. High levels of this hormone interfere with the ovulation cycle resulting in remote chances of getting pregnant.

Symptoms of PCOS are as follows:

1.Excessive hair growth

2.Irregular or non-existent menstrual cycle


It is always better to consult your gynecologist if you have these symptoms.

Will in vitro fertilization help?

Studies show that the chances of having a baby through in vitro fertilization (IVF) in overweight women are very less. Though the exact reason for this is unknown, it may be due to the fact that the embryo is unable to implant itself on the uterus. This results in lower conception rates and higher miscarriage rates. The only means by which you can improve your odds in conceiving and having a healthy pregnancy is by shedding a few extra kilos.

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How much weight should you lose to conceive?

The most advisable manner to go about this would be by consulting your doctor. Doctors generally consider a BMI in the range of 20-30 ideal for getting pregnant.BMI or body mass index is a measure of your body fat which is based on the weight and height of an individual. It is calculated as follows:


So before deciding anything, talk to your doctor or read a fertility book to find out what is best for you and how to attain your ideal weight. A little bit of exercise and diet will help you get back on track and lead a normal, healthy life.

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