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There is a general belief that infertility depends solely on the health of the prospective mother. If you wish to be a dad, your health as well as your diet is equally important as much as those of your partner. In fact, 32% of infertility is caused by reasons pertaining to the male partner. The increased sperm count multiplies the chances of conception if the mother-to-be is healthy and ready to be pregnant. Let us examine what all things should be included in the diet of a prospective father.

A balanced, nutritious and varied diet

A balanced, nutritious and varied diet is very important for men to increase the fertility in them. Your diet should contain zinc, folates and other antioxidant rich food. All these together increase the number of sperms which function normally. They also kill the abnormal sperms. Zinc combined with folates increases the sperm count. The optimum intake of zinc is 12 to 15 mg per day. Even though zinc helps increase the sperm count a higher rate of its intake reduces the motility of the sperms. Motility means the ability of the sperm to move fast. Good sources of zinc are extra-lean minced beef, baked beans and dark chicken meat. Beef has 4.5 mg of zinc per 3 oz serving, baked beans have 3.55 mg of zinc per 6 oz and chicken meat has 2.37 mg of zinc per 3 oz. Good sources for folates are green vegetables like broccoli and sprouts, black eyed beans, papaya and jacket potatoes. Vitamin C provides the necessary anti-oxidants. The daily need of vitamin C is 60 mg. Smokers may need a minimum of 100 mg per day because smoking reduces their ability to absorb vitamin C. An 8 oz glass of orange juice provides 124 mg of vitamin C.

Caffeine increases the motility of sperms

Two studies conducted in Brazil in 2005 have proved conclusively that increased intake of coffee has a beneficial effect on the motility of sperms. One test was conducted on fertile men in whom it was found that the sperm motility was increased with more consumption of coffee. The second test was on infertile men. That also has proved the increase in motility and antioxidant levels with higher rate of coffee intake. So, if you are a coffee lover, do not discontinue it. Its consumption increases sperm motility and it also satisfies your taste. But there is no evidence to show that the sperm count increases with consumption of coffee[...]

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The food that you eat while you conceive has a great effect on your baby – both positively and negatively. Here are some very important food related tips that can help you considerably and it will definitely boost your chances of getting pregnant as well as to have a healthy baby. (You need to make some adjustments in your diet at least three months before you actually conceive?)

Food and fertility are very much linked and both the man and the women have to be conscious about taking nutritious food. If you can go on with a balanced diet and a healthy atmosphere, the better it will be for your newborn. Here are some specific advises to you, and your partner will also be benefitted from it to become a healthy dad.

Get the right weight

If you are preparing to get pregnant, you have to make sure that you have the right weight. If you are a bit fatty, then you should shed a little weight, but do not try to lose weight all of a sudden, as it will deplete your body’s nutritional stores and it will ultimately affect your body and the chances of pregnancy.If you are underweight, then you have to gain some. You have to be close to the prescribed weight since being overweight and underweight can reduce your chances of conceiving. If you are not sure about the ideal weight, you can consult your doctor to get a clear picture of it.[...]

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