How To Conceive The Gender of Your Choice™ Review

Reviewed September 2009

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How To Conceive The Gender of Your Choice

Best Choosing Baby Gender Program(eBook)


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Pros and Cons

1. 201 couples(from has already tried her methods and they succeeded for having the baby they've always wanted. (Updated March 2009)

2.Gives explicit directions to attempt to conceive the baby of the gender of your choice.

3.There are NO TIME LIMITS on their refund policy.

4.Easy to follow , Step by step.

1.Doesn't guarantee success, just improves your chances.If you are really interested in trying for a specific sex, this book will give you some helpful tips to improve your odds. Just remember - it's not 100% effective!

2.Information in their Newsletter is not as good as the book itself.

Our Analysis

Ashley Spencer, the author of this book has revealed her exciting and effective discoveries. Almost 300 couples(from has already tried her methods and they succeeded for having the baby they've always wanted. She generates effective methods that even doctors admit that it is indeed effective. This means that the gender selection method really delivers.

We all know that we can never rely on the gender selection all the time for the final say will always be from God. But the author of this book gives so much useful information and different ways on how to increase obstacles towards the gender of your choice.This eBook explains and provides easy steps to conceived the baby you've ever wanted. This product offers tips from nutrition to ejaculation, things that you could do to add up to the effectiveness of certain methods.

Following easy steps that being offered in this book requires effort. The result may take months to discover its effectivity but for sure it's worth the wait and your money.

User Reviews

Average user rating:


(348 customer votes)

latest 5 reviews

1.Sara , Northfield, MN(Posted September 2009)

On the whole, I thought this was an excellent read, and I may find a use for the information in the future. If you are interested in increasing your chances of having a child of a particular sex, it can’t hurt to give this method a try, and it might help. And even if you wind up with a baby of the sex you didn’t try to select… you are still going to wind up with a baby, and any baby is pretty great!

2.Mary,Granger, Texas(Posted September 2009)

It is no secret that my husband and I are thinking of adding another member to our family, and it is also not a big secret that we would like a girl to complete our family. I decided to check out the most recent edition of How To Conceive The Gender of Your Choice by Ashley Spencer to find out if there was anything that we could do to improve our odds. I read through the whole thing in about three days; it is fairly interesting reading and most of it is easy to understand.I think this book can help me a lot.

3.Heffner,Orlando, FL(Posted August 2009)

I had been researching pregnancy and gender selection online for sometime now, so I knew the Ashley Spencer's method before I even got the book. I had a gut feeling that it was the way to go for us to balance our family by trying for a little girl. I am now one of those women as I got pregnant right away using the method for a girl. When I find out what I am having in a few months from now, I just KNOW it will be my little princess. I am VERY excited and have already recommended this book to two family members and one friend.

4.Bella,San Antonio,TX(Posted August 2009)

My husband and I haven't starting trying to conceive yet, but what an awesome resource when we do! We'd love to swing the odds a bit (although we'd be thrilled with a healthy baby of either gender) and this is a well-written explanation of the biology behind the practice of choosing your baby's gender. I have a science background, and I greatly appreciate research-based data and this ebook provides just that. Its not anecdotal, its not superstition or voodoo, its real research. This book, combined with "Pregnancy Miracle"(One of Our Best Reviewed eBook) gave me everything I ever wanted to know about my own body and cycles, and therefore potentially choose the gender of our baby. I highly recommend it!

5.Missy,Greenville, MS(Posted August 2009)

Well we started to use the methods in the book. My husband skipped right to the part on what to do to concieve the sex you want. I tried to read the whole book. There is just a lot of junk before you get to the good stuff. I won't be able to tell you if it worked or not though, we got pregnant before we got to try the methods.

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