Treating Your Endometriosis™ Review

Reviewed September 2009

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Treating Your Endometriosis

Best Treating Endometriosis Program(eBook)


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Pros and Cons

1.We have received 34 successful storys from their customers.(Updated March 2009)

2.Effectively reduce or eliminate the pain caused by endometriosis

3.Easy to follow , Step by step.

4.3 Special BONUS REPORTS!

1.Some customers complain that their email support is not good enough.

Our Analysis

Created by Shelley Ross who did a very extensive research endometriosis to help her best friend heal from this complicated medical condition, the program offers detailed and very personal tips and advice as Shelley gives her readers the same information she gave her best friend.

The Treating Endometriosis program is divided into several parts to make the understanding of endometriosis as easy as possible. From educating you on the most common symptoms of endometriosis to the more complex ones, this Endo treatment program fills you in on each one and also teaches you how you can make them all disappear for good.

Of course, the program also discusses the main roots of endometriosis and how you can avoid it or help lessen the damage already done. These make her readers fully-knowledgeable on the topic thus paving the way for a faster and more effective healing and treatment.

Furthermore, the “Treating Your Endometriosis” ebook presents to its readers a new healthy lifestyle that will surely help them get back on track and start enjoying their life again. Readers are taken through the correct eating habits that will help their bodies cope with the changes brought about by endometriosis. Exercise plans are also presented in this program – easy and effective workouts programs that will help lessen the pain of endometriosis and give you the physique that you want at the same time. Even ways on how to cope up with stress are clearly explained so that endometriosis sufferes can effectively handle all the hassles brought about by this condition and their lifestyle. And more importantly, ways on how to control the pain from endometriosis can also be found in this program.

User Reviews

Average user rating:


(112 customer votes)

latest 5 reviews

1.Laura, Boise, Idaho(Posted September 2009)

The endometriosis book I have been seeking for ages, and this one is a very good practical book which I use just about every day. It provides a clear and simple guide of the basic foods of what you can and cannot eat and why. There are lots of great and simple recipes, which has surprised me greatly considering how many things that need to be left out of this tough diet.

2.Hedera, Kenosha, WI(Posted September 2009)

When I was diagnosed with Endometriosis I was scared, alone and very confused. This book put the disease in my terms instead a bunch of medical jargon and has helped me understand the condition. I still reference it and it's been over a year since the diagnosis. A great buy and worth every penny.

3.S. Smith,Canada(Posted August 2009)

My first review of anything I've ever purchased. If you or someone you love has Endometriosis, this is a MUST read. Thoughtful, science based answers at last!

4.Becky,san diego, CA(Posted August 2009)

I love this book! I have almost every endo book written in the past few years and this is one of my favorites. It is full of a lot of great info and ideas of natural treatments to try. The only complaint is that info on one subject can be found in a lot of different places in the book. Overall I highly recommend this book for those suffering with endo. I talked to a woman at an essential oil store who knew the writer and said she is well respected and knowledgable in the field of essential oils. I highly recommend this easy to read and very informative book.

5.Tiarna, Quincy, MA(Posted August 2009)

This book is a great resource for anyone suffering with endometriosis. I found it to be easy to read and understand. I like the fact that the book not only contains the medical facts but also contains real life stories from women who have the disease. These real life stories really helped put my own situation into perspective and provided me much comfort-it really helps to know I am not alone.

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