Yoga For Conception™ Review

Reviewed September 2009

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Yoga For Conception

Best Fitness for Infertility(eBook and Video)


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Pros and Cons

1.We have received 21 successful storys from their customers.(Updated March 2009)

2.All-natural help, no drugs or herbs to take that might have side effects on you or anything.

3.Proven to help: It's scientifically proven that stress inhibits fertility. Yoga is a proven stress reliever, and these specific techniques helped the author get pregnant.

4.Free to do: As long as you can find a quiet spot, doing Yoga doesn't cost anything.

5.Not time-consuming: Yoga gets a lot done in a short amount of time. These Yoga techniques can be done in as little as 15 minutes, and you'll feel better all day.

6.It can help whether you're already familiar with Yoga or not. It's easy to understand for beginners, and also provides effective techniques for those already familiar with Yoga.

7.60-Day no questions asked money-back guarantee While this ebook is responsibily written and very helpful, it's good to know that if you don't think it's right for you, that you can get your money back without a hassle.

1.The only technique for increasing your chances of getting pregnant are through Yoga and meditation techniques. Obviously, there are other factors, like timing your ovulation, eating a healthy diet and taking supplements, etc. Those other factors aren't covered in this ebook, but then again, that's why it's called "Yoga For Conception", and I'm guessing you already know you should be eating a healthy diet and taking supplements.

Our Analysis

"Yoga For Conception" is written by a Certified Yoga instructor who had trouble getting pregnant and turned to Yoga relaxation techniques to help her get pregnant. If you're stressed, anxious, and depressed about trying to get pregnant, I think it'll really help you.

User Reviews

Average user rating:


(259 customer votes)

latest 5 reviews

1.Marisa W,Chicago, IL(Posted September 2009)

The practices are gentle, so special for women like us going through this journey. This is not the time to do hard core yoga or stretch like a pretzel, more to use yoga to gently exercise, relax, open up and let go and this is exactly what this eBook helps you do. This program was created by a women that have experienced herself all the emotions and stress of infertility and who used yoga as a way get grounded and balanced.

2.Galopin,Silver Spring, MD(Posted September 2009)

I liked this yoga eBook because it is the closest you can get to a real yoga class. It not only has a very nice yoga practice, but also includes visualization, ways to make your mind calm, and to release your inner potential in the seek to get pregnant. Since fertility treatments are so demanding, one needs also to find something to remain calm while trying to get pregnant. I also liked that the producers were also former fertility patients. I enjoyed a lot this eBook and it is very complete.

3.Beth, Orange County, CA USA(Posted August 2009)

I'm both an acupuncturist and a yoga practitioner so I got this eBook and video to see if I wanted to recommend it to my fertility patients. I have to say that I am very impressed.I especially like some of the folds they do, which bring blood circulation and energy to the ovaries ... you can feel it. I think this will help women feel empowered and feel that there's more they can do to enhance their fertility. By the way, they don't tell you that you will need a small towel for some of the poses, so be sure to have one handy.

4.Drake,San Francisco, CA(Posted August 2009)

I have been doing "Yoga For Conception" practice for about 3 months now. My husband and I have been trying to conceive for over 2 years, and although I'm not naive enough to think this will be the magic answer to our struggles, it's nice to know there is a yoga practice out there specifically geared towards women who are experiencing difficulty conceiving. I found the poses to be easy to learn (I'm more of an aerobics person, not a yoga person), and they have increased my flexibility tenfold, which I never thought would happen. The breathing techniques really do relax you as you're doing the practice, and I feel like I'm doing something different and good for my body.

5.Helen,Long Beach, CA(Posted August 2009)

I really enjoyed this eBook and video and the ultimately am glad that I bought it. I have used this eBook on and off for about two months. It is peaceful and calming. It did not help me with my fertility though because I have discovered that I am not ovulating regularly. Yoga does not help with that. I will continue with the yoga while seeing my fertility doctor.

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