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Updated September 2009

Best Home-Use Sperm Count and Concentration Test Tool


PreConceive Plus Male Infertility Test


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The PreConceive Plus Home Diagnostic Screening Test works by staining the cells in a sperm sample to produce a color. The intensity of this color is then compared to a color reference on the FertilMARQ test cassette. The color comparison will tell you whether the sperm concentration in the test sample is above 20 million/mL (a positive test) or below 20 million/mL (a negative test). Two test results with sperm concentration of less than 20 million/mL can alert you to possible male fertility issues.

Taking the FertilMARQ screening test will indicate if you have a low amount of sperm in your semen. You can provide these test results to your physician to aid in determining male fertility conditions.

Best Home-Use Ovulation Predictor Kit


Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor


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Unlike other ovulation predictors, the ClearBlue Monitor tests for two distinct female reproductive hormones - lh and estradiol (an estrogen). The amount of both reproductive hormones surges right before a woman is most likely to become pregnant - just before ovulation.

1.99% accurate, FDA-approved

2.Doctor-recommend for ovulation prediction

3.Results are effortless to interpret: Low, High, or Peak Fertility

4.One-year warranty and toll-free consumer helpline

To use the test, simply bring the ClearBlue test stick (sold separately) into contact with your urine in the manner described in the instructions. You'll have your digital results in minutes - in clear, accurate and unambiguous terms: "low", "high" or "peak" fertility. If you see high or peak fertility, you know that you are about to ovulate and that it is time to make love. Besides testing for two key reproductive hormones, what's special about the ClearBlue Monitor is that it is very easy to use: just touch the button and the digital monitor provides instant, simple-to-understand results you can trust.

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