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Reviewed January 2010


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Pros and Cons

1.We have received 151 successful storys from their customers.(Updated March 2009)

2.Being 100% natural, with no artificial preservatives.

3.No Side Effects.

4.Hardness that feels bigger, wider, fuller (to you and to HER)

5.Improves blood flow and dilation of the blood vessels, enhancing sensation,increasing sexual response.

6.Terrific alternative to taking pills or powders

7.180 Day unconditional money back guarantee.

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1.Because the plant that produces the ingredients is rare and only grows in one specific area of the world it means this product is not cheap.

Our Analysis

Test Report

ProEnhance Patch is a high caliber male enhancement patch meant for enhancing sexual performance comfortably. In order to check its efficacy and determine if ProEnhance is different from such scam products, a scientific study was conducted under controlled conditions and under the supervision of experts from the field of medicine, pharmacology, sexology, and psychology.

The study comprised of 2 groups of subjects – Group A and Group B. Each group consisted of 20 subjects with an average penis length of 3 cm. Both groups were given a patch to be applied to their penis 2 times daily for 30 days continuously. Group A was given ProEnhance whereas Group B was given a placebo patch. Participants of both groups were not allowed to engage in masturbation and/or sexual intercourse other than when instructed by the judges. They were also monitored against using any other enhancement techniques like tractions, penis exercises, pills, etc.

The results were in favor of ProEnhance Patch. Group A participants, who used ProEnhance, reported an increased blood flow and dilation of the blood vessels within the first 14 days. Whereas Group B participants did not witness any change whatsoever in their penis. Both groups were again checked after 21 days and 30 days. The pattern of results was almost the same. While Group A showed systematic and subtle improvement in dilation, blood flow, and sensation, Group B did not show any commendable change.

Both groups were also asked to engage in sexual intercourse after 14, 21, and 30 days and report any difference they noticed. Group A, after 21 days and 30 days, reported increased blood flow, increased sensation, and increased sexual response.

Thus, through a very scientific and unbiased controlled study, ProEnhance was tested and found to be a genuine enhancement product.

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Damiana: has been used in the United States since 1874 as an aphrodisiac and a booster of sexual ability. Damiana is thought to slightly irritate the urethra, thereby producing increased sensitivity to the penis.

Gotu Kola:is useful as brain food to rebuild energy reserves and stamina. It can increase mental and physical power, combat stress and improve reflexes. It is known to relieve high blood pressure, thus increasing blood flow and allowing the penis to become healthier and more apt to grow larger.

Saw Palmetto:acts to tone and strengthen the male reproductive system. It may be used safely where a boost to male sex hormones is required.

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ProEnhance $68.95

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User Reviews

Average user rating:


(211 customer votes)

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1.Casiano, Dallas, Tx(Posted January 2010)

Why waste money on other trash products? I have found that ProEnhance has real ability to make wonders. I have used it and I am still using it. I find that it has increased my sexual abilities a lot and the erection I have now is really wonderful. I am happy that I am not using any pills or any implants. I feel it to be a natural development. Do not go out and waste money on products that has only the backup of publicity. If you ask me, I will only recommend ProEnhance patch and it will really work.

2.Charlesw,San Francisco, CA(Posted December 2009)

I came to know of ProEnhance when my neighbor recommended this product. It is really cheap compared to other products. And I don’t like pills,So I decided to try this patch. It is really amazing that within two weeks, there has been great change to my penis. Now I am having increased sexual response and enjoying sex to the maximum. The pleasure that I have now is really wonderful. The urge that I have now is great and even the unthinkable seems to be possible for me. Thank God that I have found ProEnhance and it is really affordable.

3.Robert, Knoxville, TN(Posted November 2009)

I am happy to say this patch has helped me to make my life better. I have been in a shell without any real pleasure. Now I feel that I can play like amorous birds and I can make a real feast. ProEnhance is a simple to use patch and I have never felt any sort of discomfort. Now, when I have sex, I can find enhanced sensation. This is the right product that makes sexual life more vibrant.

4.S. Rester,Odessa, Texas(Posted September 2009)

The product is just good and I have a first hand experience of using it. I have never thought that ProEnhance will have such a great effect in my life. I am like a free bird now, not ashamed of stripping in front of her and have the courage to make her cry. It is great! It is amazing! I will suggest ProEnhance as the best solution to come out of the shell and to enjoy a better sexual life. This has really changed my world and the satisfaction that I get now is really wonderful.

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ProEnhance $68.95

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