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Reviewed January 2010

ProSolution Gel

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Pros and Cons

1.We have received 189 successful storys from their customers.(Updated March 2009)

2.Being 100% natural, with no artificial preservatives.

3.No Side Effects.

4.Increase Staying Power

5.Increased Climax Sensitivity

6.Fuller, Firmer Erections

7.180 Day unconditional money back guarantee.

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1.Because the plant that produces the ingredients is rare and only grows in one specific area of the world it means this product is not cheap.

Our Analysis

Test Report

Recently, a study was conducted to analyze the effect of ProSolution Gel on people having sexual enjoyment issues. The study comprised of 50 males, ranging from age 21 to age 40, who was having problems with erection, staying power, and climax sensitivity. After a careful study of their backgrounds, sample group was selected at random. The study was done to measure differences in the above categories before and after trying ProSolution.

At first, a survey was conducted documenting the current level of erection, sensitivity, and the time they could maintain erection. They were also given a questionnaire to fill, which included questions to assess their sexual drive and satisfaction. The same were analyzed at the end of the study as well.

The study group was given a simple and easy guide on how to use ProSolution Gel. They were also given instructions regarding what to do and what not to do while on the study program.

The results were compared at regular intervals. The finding was that ProSolution started showing results within 14 days of its use. Though the rate of change was quite low, the results were undeniable. Some participants already started experiencing slightly fuller erections.

The study went on for another 3 months at the end of which all these were measured once again. This time, there was commendable improvement in all categories assessed. While some showed a significant change, others showed a modest improvement. Majority of participants reported fuller and firmer erections and increased maintenance of erections. They also noted satisfactory improvement in climax sensitivity.

In the end, on the basis of extensive statistical data and unbiased study, we can state conclusively that ProSolution actually works in terms of getting erections, maintaining erections, and climax sensitivity. There were also noticeable psychological benefits for all participated in the ProSolution Gel efficiency study.

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L-Arginine: an amino acid that increases nitric oxide in the body. Nitric oxide dilates the blood vessels in the penis allowing greater blood flow. The greater the blood flow to the area, the better your erection.

Bearberry Extract:is also known as uva ursi, an astringent herb which has been used for centuries in treatments specific to the urinary tract. Bearberry increases the movement of fluid to help build a harder erection and a stronger climax.

Menthol:warms and stimulates your genitals, and boosts your staying power with a gentle action that keeps you going for as long as you wish.

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ProSolution Gel ProSolution $49.95

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User Reviews

Average user rating:


(251 customer votes)

latest 4 reviews

1.Kurland, Odessa, Texas(Posted January 2010)

A great product from ProSolution! I was quite skeptic in the beginning when my neighbor recommended this product. But all my worries were washed off in 1 week when I started seeing results. Yes, a simple application of ProSolution Gel helped me increase my sexual enjoyment. I could maintain my erection for longer time. But the biggest change was that I could experience more climax sensitivity – my partner also reported a better orgasmic experience after the use of ProSolution Gel! So I strongly recommend this to anyone who is looking for an overall improvement in their sexual life.

2.Michael,Bessemer, AL(Posted December 2009)

ProSolution Gel gave me a sense of completeness in 2 areas of my sexual life. One was erections and the other was climax. For getting a full and firm erection, I tried many things, but nothing gave me a sense of full erection. Same was the case with climax. What fun would sex have if the climax is not up to the mark? But ProSolution Gel once again came to my rescue. Continued use of ProSolution Gel gradually improved the power and sensitivity of climax. Now we are having powerful orgasms in bed!

3.Reid, Jacksonville, AL(Posted November 2009)

I was afraid of using most of the penile enhancement methods – be it pills, traction, surgery, or lengthening exercises. I was afraid of the side effects of pills, pain involved with traction and surgery, uselessness of lengthening exercises, and absurdity of gels and patches. However, ProSolution Gel changed all my notions. First of all, I was not at all afraid to use it as it was pretty simple and straightforward. Results were coming from all areas. So now, I am convinced that ProSolution Gel is the safest and easiest way to enhance sexual performance.

4.Erich,Woodbury, CT(Posted September 2009)

I am a guy who has tried ‘N’ number of creams, gels, and patches to enhance my sexual performance. But all that was just a waste of money. I was starting to lose hope, but when I found ProSolution Gel, I knew I was going for something really solid. The results were instant! That was what interested me most. In just a matter of few days, I could see and feel differences in my performance. That motivated me to continue to use the gel, and now, as a result of that, I have better enjoyment. I strongly vote for this product.

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ProSolution Gel ProSolution $49.95

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