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Reviewed January 2010


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Pros and Cons

1.We have received 245 successful storys from their customers.(Updated March 2009)

2.Being 100% natural, with no artificial preservatives.

3.No Side Effects.

4.Strengthens orgasm, and increases likelihood of multiple orgasm

5.Intensifie your sexual sensation

6.Improve your level of excitement during foreplay

7.60 Day unconditional money back guarantee.

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1.Not to be taken during pregnancy or breast feeding..

2.Not to be taken by anyone under the age of 14 years.

3.Because the plant that produces the ingredients is rare and only grows in one specific area of the world it means this product is not cheap.

Our Analysis

Test Report

A test was conducted on 20 women on the effectiveness of Provestra and a competitor, which we call now the X pills. All the 20 women just entered their menopausal stage. All of them experienced lack of desire for sex. They were divided into two groups of 10 people each. The test lasted 30 days. Group A was supplied with a pack of Provestra pills, enough for one month. All in Group A were instructed to take 2 pill a day. All the members of Group B were given one month’s supply of X pills each. They were to use the pills as instructed by its manufacturers.

On examining all the 20 women after 7 days, the women of Group B reported no improvement. The case of the women in Group A was different. All of them, without exemption, reported reappearance of vaginal lubrication. They started having a desire for sex once again. During the intercourse they felt increased sensation and attained orgasm easily. Six of them said they get sometimes two strong orgasms during a single session of love making. All in group A were happy with the result.

The interview was repeated at the end of the full 30 days. Three in Group B reported having a little lubrication. The rest seven had nothing to report. All the ten said they were not at all satisfied by the result. But all in Group A had to say good things about Provestra. They found their happy, satisfied life again. Their excitement during love making improved. Each one of them enjoyed the company of her male partner and the frequency of their love making had increased. All of them were satisfied with Provestra.

Thus, this test proved that Provestra are capable of increasing sensation and strengthening orgasms.

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L-Arginine: It is a precursor to nitric oxide, which increases blood flow to your extremities -- in particular your clitoris and vagina! It also causes relaxation and dilation of blood vessels... all of which ease your path to total body sexual arousal.

Ginkgo biloba:You may be familiar with Ginkgo biloba as a supplement for improving mental acuity.But did you know it's also been used by the Chinese for centuries to improve sexual function through increased blood flow, increasing orgasms and overall sexual satisfaction?

Damiana Leaf:For women, damiana stimulates muscular contractions of the intestinal tract and delivers oxygen to the genital area, increasing the sensitivity of the clitoris.

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Provestra $49.95

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User Reviews

Average user rating:


(303 customer votes)

latest 4 reviews

1.Michelle., Anchorage, AK(Posted January 2010)

I am not in the habit of writing reviews on every consumer articles I buy. But this time I cannot resist the temptation because it may help hundreds of women in their middle ages. I am really benefitted by Provestra, the female libido enhancer. When I reached my mid-forties I experience the same problems every women of that age would face, lack of libido and interest in sex. I used Provestra to counter it. It is giving me strong orgasms now! I now thoroughly enjoy foreplay. In fact, my craving for sex has increased many times.

2.Jennifer,New York, NY(Posted December 2009)

Provestra has done great things to me. When I started feeling no sensation during foreplay, we were both worried. We could not even do one satisfactory session a week. As per his colleague’s advice, I tried the Provestra pills. Wow! The effect was instant and intense! I became more sensitive to his touch. I felt lot of things happening in my vagina. It was kind of a throbbing sensation. With a strong orgasm, I surprised my husband. Now he wants me to use it regularly. I rate it as the best female enhancement product.

3.Jeanne, Chicago, IL(Posted November 2009)

At the beginning of my menopausal period I faced the same problem that any woman of that age would. I felt dryness in my vagina and much reduced libido. But with Provestra, the lubrication in my vagina was restored. My desire for sex was slowly coming back. I feel a gush of blood to my vagina and clitoris. Now it is three months, and we feel we are back to our good old early ages of marriage. I am strongly in favor of Provestra. Use it, it only contains natural ingredients and hence very safe to use.

4.Kim,South Wilmington, IL (Posted September 2009)

I will recommend Provestra to any woman who suffers from lack of sexual desire and vaginal dryness. The reason is, I myself used it and found success. I got good lubrication from the product and this helped us to enjoy sex without any pain whatsoever. I am shaking during orgasms. Even in my teens, I could experience such intense orgasms. Now I feel I could have tried it much earlier. That is another reason why I am writing this review. Don’t wait till you worsen your problems.

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