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Symptoms for 18 Weeks Pregnancy

There are many different signs and symptoms that occur during various parts of the pregnancy. The second trimester or when you are about eighteen weeks pregnant, you will have some typical symptoms that may seem strange but are completely normal to have.

The first symptom you may experience is an increase in appetite. This is because by that time the baby begins to take nutrients from your food and it is good to eat the right kind of healthy food rather than junk food that will not have too much nutrition.

Lowered blood pressure is another common symptom during this time because your cardiovascular system is going through some serious changes. Dizziness is a very common sign of that and this can be countered by having fresh juices and small snacks.

The baby will also begin to move more during this time and you might see some amazing movements with the help of a sonogram. You will also feel these movements and sometimes the babies will also kick if they are startled. The baby will even begin to hear voices – your voice and that of the father or people who talk to it.

Another sign of later pregnancy are digestive problems. You may even experience heart burn and have trouble digesting food and while you may be tempted to use over the counter medication, it is important not to take anything before consulting with the doctor first.

Feeling uncomfortable in tight fitting clothes and getting irritated skin might also be a normal symptom of this period of pregnancy. You may feel that you are more comfortable in loose fitted clothing and clothing that does not irritate the skin in any way.

During this part of the pregnancy it is important to take your vitamins and also do keep yourself hydrated. 

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