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Getting Pregnant After Forty Is Tricky

A lot of people are under the illusion that since most celebrities can get easily pregnant after forty, it cannot be that difficult for them either. But the case is not that simple because regardless of what those celebrities say, it can be difficult to get pregnant after forty – even if you are a healthy and normal individual. Even most celebrities cannot do it alone, without getting the help of infertility treatments – and that is how you can get it too. Most studies conclude that twenty nine percent of the women experience infertility after forty while the statistics for infertility in women in their twenties and thirties is quite low. Just passing the forty markers it seems can be troublesome for your fertility and it keeps getting lower every month.

 Miscarriage is another major problem for women in their forties and the higher your age the more chances of miscarriages you have. This makes the situation even worse because a high percentage of women who do get pregnant after forty might go through miscarriage and will not be able to conceive so quickly, while the biological clock is ticking away. Statistics say that about thirty four percent of women go through miscarriage after forty and the percentage increases to a whopping fifty three percent when the age reaches 45. This is why you might need to seek some fertility help when you are trying to conceive in your forties and it is also a good idea not to put off getting pregnant till that time.

For women in their forties there are options of IUI and IVF that can be used to conceive even though the chances would be less for them than those women who are in their thirties or twenties. But IVF has a good success rate for women in forties and egg donation and surrogacy might also be considered as options in case IVF is not possible. 

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