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What a Man Should Do To Avoid Infertility

Infertility is a condition that affects both men and women. For men, infertility can be closely related to his lifestyle. There are a number of things that he can therefore do to avoid this condition.

The first thing to do is eat healthy always. The food we eat directly influences the health status we are in. Eating healthy food allows you to have all the necessary nutrients needed for the production of sperms in the testicles.

The second thing to do is to avoid taking too much alcohol and coffee and if you smoke, quit smoking. Alcohol and caffeine have been found to contribute to low sperm counts and abnormal sperm formation.

Tobacco on the other hand is associated to some diseases like testicular cancer and heart disease. Both diseases can cause infertility.

Wear protective gear if you engage in activities which increase the risk of injuries to the testicles. Such activities include sports such as martial arts and rugby. Also, if injury does occur, ensure to visit a doctor soonest possible.

Always keep the testicles in temperatures lower than body temperature. At such temperatures, sperm production is at its best. Therefore it is best to avoid tight fitting underwear and hot baths (saunas).

If you have multiple sex partners, it is necessary to wear condoms at all times. Although they do not guarantee protection against STI’s they will to some extent protect you. Contracting a sexually transmitted infection can cause infertility.

Exercise regularly to promote release of hormones. Sperm production is controlled by the male hormone testosterone. Exercise promotes production of this hormone which in turn will increase the production of sperms.

On the other hand, avoid anabolic steroids which contain synthetic male hormones. These will actually lower the body’s ability to produce sperms making you infertile.

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