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Can You Really Choose the Gender of Your Baby?

To have a boy child

To have a girl child

It is not uncommon for parents to wish to have a baby of a particular sex. Some prefer boys and others girls. Yet another group wishes to have children in a particular order in terms of sex. It is not scientifically proved yet that parents can have children with sex of their choice. But many mothers claim that they know some tricks which have worked well for them. There is no harm in trying them. You have nothing to lose. Let us examine their prescriptions for having a child with the sex you choose.

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To have a boy child

1.Have sex on the day of ovulation. Then the male sperm can swim faster and reach the egg first.(You can use our Free ovulation calculator)

2.The woman should have the orgasm first. That releases alkaline fluid. The alkaline fluid is friendly to male sperms while the normal vaginal fluid, which is acidic, is conducive for female sperms. For this, the man must learn to withhold orgasm until after the woman has it.

3.A deep penetration will help have a male child. Sex from behind is recommended for this.

4.Ensure that the man has a high sperm count. Male sperms are weaker than the female sperms. If the total number of sperms is high, there will be more number of male sperms and one of them stands a chance to reach the egg first.

5.Abstain from having sex for one week before ovulation. That will ensure that the sperm count increases considerably when you make love on the day of ovulation. More the sperm count, the more is the number of male sperms.

6.Wait for the man to take initiative to have sex. In that case, the sperm count is normally high.

7.Making love only at night may increase the chances of having a male child.

8.Make love only on the odd days of the month.

9.Encourage the male partner to keep his genitals cool by wearing boxer shorts and loose trousers. A cool surrounding will encourage the testicles to produce more sperms.

10.The woman should eat salty food, meat, fish, white flour, pasta, fresh fruits and vegetables. Milk products like yogurt and cheese, nuts, chocolates, shellfish and whole-meal bread must be avoided.

To have a girl child

1.Have sex a few days before the ovulation. The stronger female sperms outlive the male ones and the female sperms are able to reach the egg when it is ready. The male sperms die off earlier.

2.Allow the man to have orgasm first.

3.Make love frequently. The lower number of sperms gives a chance for the stronger female sperms to reach the egg first.

4.Keep the penetration shallow.

5.Make love at the initiative of the woman.

6.Make love on the even days of the month.

7.Make love in the afternoon.

8.Using tight underwear for the man is good to reduce the number sperm and allowing the stronger female sperms to reach the egg. But it may reduce the man’s fertility.

9.The woman should eat unsalted food, plenty of dairy products, chocolates and limited quantity of meat and potato.

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Many women are claiming that these practices have helped them have the desired sex for their children.

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