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Increasing Chances of Conceiving

Studies show that the number of infertility cases is higher than ever. Every year new cases are reported and treatment methods administered. Although there are medical interventions that will treat infertility, it would be better to prevent it by increasing the chances of conceiving. Here are some things you should do.

Eat a healthy diet. Healthy foods provide the body with the ability to protect itself from disease. In addition, the food provides the nutrients necessary for the development of ovaries and sperms. Having a healthy body is the one most important thing if you want to conceive.

The foods should be organic as non organic foods run the risk of pollutants in terms of pesticides and herbicides used.

Stop drinking alcohol, caffeine and smoking. These substances have been kinked with low sperm count in men as well as infertility in women. Tobacco and alcohol pose threat of diseases such as cancer which can cause infertility.

Live in a pollutant free environment. Pollutants in the environment can find their way into the body system causing diseases which can lead to infertility. It is necessary that you find a clean environment to live in to avoid his.

Keep your body and mind stress free. Although stress is an everyday thing, never let stress get out of hand to the point of depression. This condition lowers the body’s immunity, creates a hormone imbalance and leads to low sperm production.

Learn about your family history. If your family has had previous cases of infertility, this will act as a sign to visit the doctor for a check up. The earlier the better since you will information about your case well before you try to conceive.

By practicing the strategies above, you will be able to keep your body healthy as well as avoid any condition that would render you infertile.

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