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Early signs of pregnancy

It’s important for every woman to know the early signs of pregnancy. As most women do not realize that they are pregnant at the very beginning. Knowing that you are pregnant will help you to avoid any unhealthy situations. You or your baby might get affected because of this lack of knowledge.

You have to be aware of all early signs of pregnancy. You may experience them all or just some of them. These signs are happening as a result of the change in hormone’s levels inside your body.

 If you feel that you are low energy and always exhausted this could be an early sign of pregnancy. But, by passing of the time your body will be adjusted to the new hormone level and it will gradually disappear.

Normally your body temperature rises during ovulation. When you are pregnant it will remain for a longer time and this is varying from one woman to another.

Sometimes light spotting occurs just before the time of your menstrual period. Usually this spotting is pink or brown in color and it is lighter than your normal menstrual period.

Morning sickness is very common as well. This is when you wake up in the morning feeling nauseated. Vomiting and constipation might happen. In addition, you might notice that you are urinating frequently. Actually, this one of the very early signs of pregnancy it might occur a week or ten days before missing a period. Usually, this frequent urination takes place during the implantation of the embryo.

Of course the most important sign is missing a menstrual period. But, it sometimes happens when you are under stress or as a side effect for some medications. You may notice tenderness in the nipples and breasts. Also, the area around the nipples might get darker.

So, as soon as you recognize these signs or some of them you have to consult your doctor immediately. 

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