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Regulating Exercise for Fertility

Fertility is a combination of a number of processes in your body and they all have to work right to contribute to a healthy pregnancy. There are a number of things that can help regulate your hormones naturally, without taking heavy medicines. When your hormones are on the right track, you will have normal cycles and this is what will help you get pregnant eventually. So your hormones have to be right to initiate conception and anything that works for hormones is working towards fertility. Exercise is one such activity that can contribute towards your fertility in the long run. But you need a regulated kind of exercise rather than some severe bouts of exercise combined with very lazy and inactive times. Exercise can also help those women conceive who are having trouble conceiving due to their extra weight.

But a word of caution needs to be said here. Over strenuous exercise that you begin all of a sudden might bring you anovulatory cycles which are not good for conception. This is why over exercise is actually bad for fertility in both men and women. A moderate exercise routine is what works best and it can help those women lose their additional body fat and get rid of estrogen surge issues which affect fertility. So you can lose body fat to get regulated estrogen which in turn helps you keep a normal menstrual cycle which is essential for conception. Stress is also something that moderate amounts of regular workouts or activity can keep at bay and with stress there is no way you are going to conceive. Stress also creates a number of hormonal imbalances that affect fertility in a negative way. But healthy amounts of exercise will help you correct all those imbalances and they will help you stay healthy and fertile.

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