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Massage Can Help You Get Pregnant

There is no scientific evidence to show that fertility has any relationship with massage. But stress has a bearing on fertility. If you want to be pregnant and at the same time you are under severe mental stress, there is a chance in at least some of you for not getting pregnant. The reason is that the hypothalamus gland in the brain which controls the release of the egg in the ovary acts erratically under mental stress. So the ovulation does not take place on the normal day. Thus stress affects the fertility on at least some women. But any amount of stress does not affect some women. It is common knowledge that a hand-on massage on the body reduces the stress. So massage reduces stress and eventually increases the chance for pregnancy.

Massage Can Help You Get Pregnant

In the January 2004 issue of the International Journal of Neurosciences the result of a test conducted on 36 healthy adults is published. They had to undergo one of the three types of basic massage, light, moderate and vibratory. Their stress level and heart beat were monitored with the help of an EEG and an EKG respectively. The EEG measures the brain waves and the EKG measures the differences in heart beat. Anxiety was found to be reduced by all the three treatments. The best results were found in people who had moderate massage. All these massages were conducted only for ten minutes. It was concluded that a full hour massage would give a much better reduction in stress. (If you want to reduce stress through yoga. Please read Best Reviewed Yoga Program for Fertility)

For those who find it difficult to conceive, it is better to go for this relaxation therapy first before going for expensive fertility treatment. It is very simple and inexpensive. Just relax and keep your mind calm. Have an occasional body massage. It may do the trick and you may get pregnant.

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