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How to Get Pregnant After Birth Control

It is only normal for every couple to have a period of preventing conception immediately after marriage. Sometimes contraception is resorted to after the birth of the first child or due to the pressing needs of the mother’s employment. The common methods of preventing pregnancy are by women taking oral contraceptive pills or hormonal patches. Other common methods are using condoms or inserting intrauterine devices in women. Certain precautions are to be taken when you prepare to get pregnant after a period of contraception, especially when oral contraceptive pills and hormone patches are used.

getting pregnant after birth control

In the case of condoms, you have only to stop using it. If an intrauterine device is used, it has to be only removed. In the opinion of Frank A. Shervenak MD, Professor and Chairman of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the Weil Medical College of Cornell University, special care should be taken if you are using hormonal methods for prevention of pregnancy. His advice is to complete the current cycle before trying to get pregnant. Many women have got conceived within a week or two. The best time to start trying is two weeks after completing the cycle. The reason is that the ovulation takes place after about 14 days and that time has the best chances of getting pregnant.

Completion of current cycle will reduce the chances of irregular bleeding. Frank Shervenak also advises to start trying after completing the first menstrual period after stopping the pills. But he says it is not absolutely necessary. In case of a previous pregnancy or miscarriage, you have to allow three months for the body to recover. It is not difficult to get pregnant after a period of contraception if you take adequate precautions.

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