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How to Manage Your Pregnancy

Getting pregnant comes as a joy for couples and their families’ altogether. For first time pregnancies, the mum to be is usually nervous about how she will survive the 9 months to come. There is no need tobepanic, a few things about managing your pregnancy should see you through.

Always eat a balanced diet throughout the pregnancy period. It is common for pregnant women to experience nausea after 4 weeks. However, this should not prevent you from eating healthy.

Remember, your baby depends on you for the nutrition it needs for development. Eat in small servings at least four times a day.

Avoid stressful situations at all times. Pregnancy comes with a surge of hormonal imbalance. You will usually find yourself quite emotional at times.

To manage stress find tasks you love doing during the day and do them. These should help you keep your mind off stress.

Do not overwork yourself. Although you will at times want to keep yourself busy at home, do not overdo it. Straining your body too much will further complicate the hormone imbalance within.

Avoid alcohol, tobacco and any other drugs. Remember, what you consume is shared between you and your baby. Such substances will cause impaired development of your baby and even death.

Always take your prenatal vitamins and any other medication prescribed by your doctor. Many of these medicines are meant to help you cope with the stress as well as keep you and your baby healthy. Pregnancy is a period where your immune system is down and needs all the help it needs.

Incase of any complications such as vomiting continuously for over 24 hours or bleeding, immediately call for medical help.

Most of all, start preparing for your baby’s arrival. This has been found to keep many pregnant women’s stress levels down.

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