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Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome and Infertility

Poly cystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is a condition where the woman’s body produces high amounts of insulin prompting androgen production. Androgens are the male hormones.

If the amount of androgens is quite high in the woman’s body, she will begin to have male characteristics. The androgens will suppress the female hormone estrogen. Her body therefore does not have enough hormones to allow for the maturity of eggs. Cysts form as a result.

Some of the symptoms of this condition include the following; thinning or growth of hair on the face, chest and back; type II diabetes, obesity and cessation of having monthly periods. The condition is curable through the following ways.

Exercise and weight loss which will help to restore monthly period and prepare the body for pregnancy. Also, it will help to restore hormone balance.

Use of fertility drugs which trigger production of estrogen in the body. These drugs include clomid. By using the drugs, the body will restore the hormone balance and start producing eggs again.

Use of drugs which trigger the body to utilize insulin in the control of blood sugar. They include metformin. By using these drugs, the insulin will not trigger androgen production in the body.

Injecting human menopausal gonadotropins which are a combination of LH and FSH. These are the hormones responsible for ovulation. Care should be taken when using these drugs as the right dose is necessary to promote ovulation.

In vitro fertilization which involves harvesting the eggs and maturing them in the lab. Once matured, the eggs are fertilized and restored in the woman’s uterus.

PCOS has been found to affect between 5 and 10% of childbearing women. It is necessary that you get tested immediately you notice some of the symptoms. The longer you wait could be the difference between conceiving and infertility.

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