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Get rid of back pain during pregnancy

One of the most common early symptoms of pregnancy is back pain. Actually, it is a normal and short termed experience. Most pregnant women experience back pain, especially during the first weeks of pregnancy. This pain gradually disappears and by the 20th week of pregnancy it is completely vanished.

The reason of this back pain is due to the increase of the progesterone hormone during the early phase of pregnancy. It is reflected by burning pains or muscles stretching. This may occur on either sides of the body. In addition, gaining extra weight and the changing of the centre of gravity for the pregnant women may lead to back pain as well.

Of course during pregnancy it’s better not to take any medication unless it is safe or recommended by your doctor. Some women believe that bearing pain is better than taking medication that might has side effects and it may harm the baby.

Walking and practicing some light exercises might help you to get rid of these back pains. Mini crunches and bridging are highly recommended. Keeping yourself in the right position is the best for you and standing straight will prevent these pains.

In some cases back pains starts to appear during late pregnancy. This happens due to the increase in the uterus size. The pain can be reduced by having different sitting positions. Also, it is advisable not to sit or stand for a long time. It’s always better to keep yourself moving.

Avoiding strenuous activities is a must. Besides, having sufficient sleep and rest will lessen this back pain. Changing your mattress or massages might help. Simple yoga exercises will be a good idea as well. But, if you believe that these pains are more serious you have to consult your doctor right away. Sometimes, doctors prescribe safe medications or physiotherapy.  

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