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Pregnancy Symptoms

If you are trying to conceive it may help that you find out if there are any symptoms to look for while you wait for the positive pregnancy test. Following are some of the common symptoms that women see when they are pregnant.

The first most important symptom is the implantation bleeding. This is a kind of spotting that occurs when the embryo implants itself on the wall of the uterus and there might be some mild cramping too. This usually happens on any of the six to twelve days past ovulation.

Missing your period can be a very common sign of pregnancy.

Getting spotting rather than usual menstrual bleeding on the day of your period can be a sign that you are pregnant.

Nausea and morning sickness are one of the initial signs of pregnancy for some women and usually it comes two to eight weeks after conception.

Fatigue is a common pregnancy symptom and can start even as early as the first week of pregnancy.

Lower back aches can be a sign of pregnancy and some women have these back aches all through their pregnancy.

Frequent urination is something that happens to pregnant women six to eight weeks later.

Severe food cravings are another part of the pregnancy and they can be very strong, lasting through the entire pregnancy. Look for some strange craving that you may never have had before.

Many women also find themselves going through a heightened sense of smell. If everything is making you nauseated because you feel like it has a terrible smell, it might be a very certain sign that you are pregnant.

You may also experience some tenderness in your breasts during pregnancy, especially the first two weeks of pregnancy.

Keeping a check of these symptoms will help you figure out if your are pregnant so you can take better care of yourself. 

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