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Treating Unexplained Infertility

There are instances where infertility can not be explained. That is, there is no medical explanation for infertility once all infertility tests have been carried out. So what can you do if you are diagnosed with such a condition? Here are some of the treatment options available.

Intrauterine insemination where the sperm is artificially introduced to the egg for fertilization. This treatment method is used in case it is suspected that the man has a low sperm count or the woman’s immune system is reacting against the sperm.

Use of fertility drugs to induce egg formation. This is in case the woman is experiencing irregular monthly periods. The fertility drugs trigger production of hormones responsible for egg production (LH and FSH).

In many cases, more than one egg per month is produced to increase chances of conceiving. However, the use of fertility drugs should be used together with intercourse and other medication.

Use of immunity suppressing drugs. There are times when the unexplained infertility is caused by a reaction of the woman’s immune system against the sperm killing it. Immunity suppressing drugs are administered to allow the sperm to safely travel to the uterus and fertilize the egg.

Use of supplements and eating healthy. These are recommended for cases where the sperm is found to be weak or abnormal. Vitamins and minerals such as zinc are administered to promote production of healthy sperms.

Where treatment methods like intrauterine insemination have failed, In Vitro Fertilization can be used. This involves removing the egg and maturing it in the lab. After it matures, it is fertilized and introduced back into the uterus for development.

Although the term unexplained infertility might lead you to think that there are no treatment options available, the opposite is true. What it only means is that the normal testing procedures have found nothing to prove you infertile.

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